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Tue 9:17 AM

Matt Lautner Cattle & Kendall Bremer Online a Sale Closes Tonight At 7 PM CST On www.cwcattlesales.com

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Click To View Video 1015636_669574493059476_1919702485_o


Tue 8:20 AM

From Denny Mueller | Western Iowa

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Monopoly 4 steer @ $28,000 & 8 bidders are currently in.

Tue 7:05 AM

Matt Lautner Lautner Cattle Fall Born Sire Catalog | 10% Discount Off All Orders Placed Thru Matt Lautner Cattle For Shipment Call/Text 515.391.9540 To Take Advantage!

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The State Fair Season Is In Full Swing And Breed Lautner Sires Have Dominated At Every State Fair In The Union. Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle @ 515.391.9540 To Order For Shipment & Save 10% Off Your Fall Born Semen Order!

On The Cover: Shae Varner’s Steer Goes For A Stroll In The Ring At The Illinois State Fair After Being Selected Grand Champion Steer As Judge Dr. Ryan Rathman Looks At His Selection

Tue 6:33 AM

If The State Fair Season Has Taught One Lesson This Summer It May Be: “Buy A Breed Lautner Sired Calf In The Fall For Summer Success”

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Tue 6:26 AM

The dawn of a new day beckons!! Matt Lautner Cattle & Kendall Bremer Online Sale On www.cwcattlesales.com closes tonight at 7 pm central time!

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Tue 5:33 AM

From Bushman Cattle | Utah | Pasture Sale September 20 On The Idaho & Utah Border…Incredible Cattle…Incredible Sight Seeing

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Mon 8:56 PM

Bailey Christensen Loading Out Her Pair Of #BreedLautner Sired Calves Tonight Matt Lautner Cattle Show Barn In Adel, Iowa

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Mon 7:49 PM

From Cody Fausch | Iowa

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Res. Overall Steer at Nashua. Kole Kimberly | #BreedLautner


Mon 7:05 PM

Sale Now Open!! Matt Lautner Cattle & Kendall Bremer Online Sale On www.cwcattlesales.com

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Mon 5:26 PM

From Ben Lovriem @ Nashua, Iowa Jackpot

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Reserve Grand Steer Prospect @ Nashua | Bred by Dale Boelman. Shown by Ainsley Lovrien. King of mountain x Ali weaned 10 days with no creep


Mon 5:24 PM

From Mitchell Family @ Nashua, Iowa Jackpot | Jesse James Sired Champion

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Grand champion Feeder market animal
Big 4 Fair-Nashua
Sire- Jesse James
Raised by-Mitchell Family Show Cattle
Shown by Drew Mitchell


Mon 5:02 PM

Thank You Brad Christensen Family Of Adel, Iowa For Purchasing MLC Tag 398 I-67 x Smilin Bob First Calf Heifer: Steer Privately Today At Matt Lautner Cattle Show Barn In Adel, Iowa | Raised By Brokenshire Ranch: Saskatchewan, Canada | Sold With Matt Lautner Cattle Canada Manager: Kurtis Reid | #BreedLautner

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