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Sat 7:48 PM

From Dave Stoltz | Nebraska

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FFA Champion Chianina hfr shown by Jackson Eisenhauer. Sold by Dave Stoltz. Sire Monopoly


Sat 5:56 PM

Grizzly Bear Champion From Ohio | #BreedLautner

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Champion at fulton county show’n by Demi raised by king show cattle out of grizzly bear


Sat 5:06 PM

Noah Snedden Headed Home With MLC Tag 375 Monopoly x Who Da Man Heifer Via Private Treaty Today At Matt Lautner Cattle | Sold With Kendall Bremer | Raised By Dan Laufenberg

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Sat 3:16 PM

Levi Larson Rocking The Sun Dress In The Sale Pen At Matt Lautner Cattle In Adel, Iowa

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Sat 2:43 PM

Matt Lautner Cattle Tag 375 Monopoly x Who Da Man Heifer For Sale Privately In Adel, Iowa

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Sat 2:34 PM

William Thorp Favorite Calf At Matt Lautner Cattle Is Lot A Monopoly 4 Steer That Sells Tuesday On www.cwcattlesales.com

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Sat 11:49 AM

Thank you Ty Webster & Willie Weis For Your Private Treaty Heat Wave Steer Purchase Today At Matt Lautner Cattle Show Barn In Adel, Iowa | Raised By Steve Ory: Earlham, Iowa

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Sat 11:13 AM

Thank you Benshoof Family Of Winterset, Iowa for purchasing MLC Tag 300 Monopoly x Char Heifer Via Private Treaty Today At The MLC Show Barn

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Sat 9:05 AM

Monopoly x Who Da Man Heifer For Sale Privately This Weekend At Matt Lautner Cattle In Adel, Iowa | 515.450.2800

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Sat 6:26 AM

Come on out to a wet Adel, Iowa to see some show calves!! Football games start at 11 am on the big screen!!

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Sat 6:20 AM

Matt Lautner Cattle & Kendall Bremer Online Sale On www.cwcattlesales.com September 2

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LotA9.2 copy

Lot A Steer
Monopoly 4 x Habanero GD
Birthdate: March
An outstanding individual that has already been selected Reserve Prospect At The Ohio State Fair in early August. This calf was recently described by Tracy Coffland of Purina Show Feeds as being one the best made steers at the ground that he can remember seeing. We feel he is in perfect condition to continue to grow and develop into a dominant winter/spring prospect champion and then go on to make some tidal waves at whichever state fair he attends next summer.


Lot 1 Heifer
I-80 x Meyer
Birthdate: February | Maintainer
An extra attractive and sound made heifer with the right body length. This is the type of female that has made I-80 such an in demand sire. THF/PHAF by pedigree she will make the donor pen when her shining show career concludes.


Lot 2 Heifer
I-80 x 519
Birthdate: March | High% Maine
Not only is this one little kid broke, and unbelievably good, she is also backed by one of the best cow families in the country. This I 80 heifer, is a Maternal sib to Jordan Cralls female that was 3rd overall at the Iowa State Fair, Reserve Grand in Kansas City, and Louisville, then dominated the Junior and Open shows in Denver. The damn of this heifer is also a maternal sib to the female that dominated the major’s winning four of the six titles at Kansas City Louisville and Denver. Buy this heifer, go win some shows, and then turn her in to the money generating machine she is bred to be.


Lot 3 Heifer
Jesse James x Invincible
Birthdate: April | Chi
This heifer catches your eye 100% of the time you walk into the pen. Extra square designed from hooks to pins & strong level topped. If we were feeding one for a summer state fair this one would be at the top of our list. Extra high quality.


Lot 4 Steer
Monopoly x Shorthorn
Birthdate: March | Shorthorn Plus
his Blue steer is built for speed! There is no question this freak necked, heavy muscled, hairy bovine is one of the best in the country. Add the fact that he is a shorthorn plus and we find it hard to believe there might be a better one in the country. This calf is extremely tame and suitable for the youngest of serious showman. Don’t bid on this calf unless you have high expectations!!!

Lot 5 Heifer
Monopoly 4 x Chi Cross
Birthdate: March
Elegant designed heifer with show ring style! A top prospect from one of Blaine Franklin’s leading donors. This heifer has first year 4-her personality also.

Lot 6 Heifer
Roan Blast x Ace Of Diamonds
Birthdate: March
This striking purebred shorthorn heifer was raised by Avery Bennett. She brings some of the qualities back that made the shorthorn breed so popular. She is so great haired, big boned and sound she is going to be tough to beat all summer long. Her mother is now two for two on raising high quality females as well as her maternal sister fetched $9500 a year ago. We like the size mass and stoutness of this one better. Buy this girl and expect big things.


Lot 7 Heifer
Monopoly 4 x Hairy GD
Birthdate: April
The stoutest calf on the farm. She has a tremendous spring of rib and depth of flank. Study her video closely she has what it takes to stand tall at the head of class.


Lot 8 Heifer
Monopoly 4 x Grey Goose
Birthdate: May | Shorthorn Plus
Wowza!!! Would be enough to say about this classy lady. This girl just says look at me when you walk in the pen. I’m not sure what catches your eye first her wild color pattern, or that gorgeous, head neck, and shoulder. This one is sure to get noticed wherever you take her. Her balance quality and color pattern remind us a lot of Cane Aegerter’s Heifer that Reserve Grand at the Shorthorn Junior Nationals.

Lot 9

Lot 9 Heifer
Monopoly x Maximus
Birthdate: April
A fault free heifer that floats across the sale pen like a quarter horse. The female has a gentle personality and has done well every day on feed.


Lot 10 Heifer
Irish Whiskey x Scheetz Donor 4L
Birthdate: February | 3/4 Maine Anjou
Out of the Great Irish Whiskey!!! This female is the kind that is raising those HIGH DOLLAR steers on the Lautner high seller list. We know there are Whiskeys everywhere, but study this one’s head shape and structural integrity, and you’ll know why she is one of the best to sell this year. It is hard to part with females like this, but we hope to hear from you after you get the flush from Monopoly on the ground.

Sat 6:15 AM

Matt Lautner Lautner Cattle Fall Born Sire Catalog | 10% Discount Off All Orders Placed Thru Matt Lautner Cattle For Shipment Call/Text 515.391.9540 To Take Advantage!

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The State Fair Season Is In Full Swing And Breed Lautner Sires Have Dominated At Every State Fair In The Union. Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle @ 515.391.9540 To Order For Shipment & Save 10% Off Your Fall Born Semen Order!

On The Cover: Shae Varner’s Steer Goes For A Stroll In The Ring At The Illinois State Fair After Being Selected Grand Champion Steer As Judge Dr. Ryan Rathman Looks At His Selection