Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office @ 515.391.9540 To Order Semen For Shipment Today
Wed, 30 12:27 am

Springfield, IL

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Charlie will be at Chi Junior Nationals in Springfield, IL on friday. Call to order Monopoly, Boardwalk, Tiger Woods or any other semen for delivery.

Charlie Wilson 563.219.0318
Matt Lautner 515.450.2800
Josh Greiner 515.460.3398
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Sat, 26 11:45 am

Monopoly Steer winner

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-Champ. Chi. & 3rd Overall: Northern Exposure-Kansas

-Champ. Chi. & Supreme market animal: Stanton FFA progress, Seward Calf Classic, Blue Valley

Beef Revue-Fairbury, Boone County Beef-A-Rama, and Res. Supreme Burt Co. progress.

Raised By: Weaver Show Cattle

Shown By: Tejlor Strope

Sold By: Ryan Ottmann, Mark Ball, Dick Baldwin

Sat, 26 11:44 am

Graves Show Cattle (Monopoly Steer)

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Hi Matt
This is a Monopoly steer produced from semen you dropped by the farm last year.  I had some people from Ohio stop by this week to look at the calves and they thought he was the best one the had seen all year.  Hope you can make it to the farm over Labor Day to see him sale.

Thanks Jason Graves

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