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Tue, 15 3:56 pm

From Champion Show Stock

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Wanted to contact you to sponsor your golf outings this year on behalf of CHAMPION SHOW STOCK.

This LLC has been created on behalf of Tim Brumbaugh, Jordan Leatherman, & myself. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce our revolutionary product line to those in attendance.

I know you are aware of Glide, the joint supplement that has been sweeping the country. It doesn’t stop there….

We will be introducing Juiced and Anit-Pop this summer respectively. The industry has never seen a product remotely similar to what is about to be unveiled.

Look for more information to come in the upcoming Show Circuit. A sneak preview of those two products are attached.

We appreciate your advertising venues; these products will change the game as we know it & the your crowd will be among the first to see their impact.

Get in touch regarding the details & thanks in advance, Zach Gray

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Tue, 15 2:58 pm

From Callyn Hahn – Iowa

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Hey Matt John wanted you to Put the attachment up on your blog. It is a press release form Stock Show Confidential, letting everyone know that S/S and Stock show University will be on RFD TV at 6:30 tonight.

Callyn Hahn Sales Representative Sullivan Supply Inc. 1(800)475-5902

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