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Wed, 30 11:13 am

Selling Next Tuesday!!

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Selling Next Tuesday!!

-Lot 1 Monopoly 7 Heifer
-Lot 2 One In The Chamber Steer
-Lot 3 Monopoly 5 Steer

Sale Videos Posted In The Comments!

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Click To View Lot 2 Video: 

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Wed, 30 8:49 am

From Brian Collin | Illinois

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From Brian Collin | Illinois

Hi Matt. I have a really good I67 heifer that I think would make a great Market Heifer she is out of a shorthorn plus cow that was 4th overall at our state fair she is a right direction x tamale cow.

Call/Text Brian @ 815-674-5908

Asking $5000

Tue, 29 2:29 pm

Transformation Tuesday!

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Transformation Tuesday!

Ashtyn Danker Italian Stallion Heifer Pictured In September At MLC & Again This Past Saturday At NECC Livestock Show Where She Was Selected Reserve Grand Champion Market Heifer Against 81 Other Heifers

Raised By Patty Barry Hall | Saskatchewan Canada


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