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Mon 8:13 AM

From Glen Netzke | Minnesota 

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Hi, Matt. Could you please post these pictures on the blog? Netzke Brothers Divas and Dudes Sales closes tonight on Breeders World.  

Monopoly  | #BreedLautner 

Dakota Gold | #BreedLautner  

Mon 7:14 AM

“Like Christmas Morning!” Good Luck To All The Exhibitors Showing Their New Calves At The Year’s First Jackpot Cattle Shows In Norfolk, Nebraska & Lima, Ohio This Weekend! 

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Daniel Eslick Class Winning Steer @ 2014 Norfolk, Nebraska | Went On To Be Grand Champion Steer @ 2015 Governor’s Charity Steer Show @ Iowa State Fair | #BreedLautner 


2014 Lima, Ohio Grand Champion Steer | Shown By Olivia Caldwell | Went On To Be Grand Champion Market Steer @ 2015 American Royal | #BreedLautner  

Mon 7:02 AM

Gary Oschendorf Italian Stallion Steer Sells For $7,000 On Breedersword Online Sale | #BreedLautner 

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Sun 8:13 AM

Matt Popelka Wedding Officiator | Texas 

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Show Cattle Also Available

Sun 3:03 AM

Thank You Les Vogler Of Nebraska For Your 30 Unit Blaze Of Glory Semen Order To Breed Your First Calf Heifers | #BreedLautner 

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Les Vogler | Nebraska  


Sun 12:15 AM

Gary Oschendorf Italian Stallion Steer Sells Today!! Click To View! #BreedLautner

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Lot 1 Italian Stallion Steer | #BreedLautner 



Sat 11:56 PM

From Bushman Cattle | Utah | Monopoly Champion! | #BreedLautner 

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Monopoly Heifer | Raised By Bushman Cattle | Utah | #BreedLautner 


Sat 1:24 PM

From Hoosier Classic | Indiana 

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Sat 9:03 AM

National Champion Bulls Added To The Matt Lautner Cattle Roster To Be Introduced In 2016! Blaze Of Glory, Simplify & Peterbilt!! #BreedLautner

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Grand Champion Purebred Simmental Bull
2015 National Simmental Show @ North American
Shown By Matt Lautner Cattle, Seth Plendl & Happy 6 Simmentals
Raised By Happy 6 Simmentals | Kentucky

Name: Blaze Of Glory
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Dam: CAJS Chloe 42ZA
Birthdate: September 2, 2014
Breed: Purebred Simmental
Registration #: 2939840
API: 141

Ranks In Top 10% For Birthweight EPD
Semen Now Available!
-Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office @ 515.391.9540 To Order For Shipment

Calf Champion & Reserve National Champion | Maine Anjou Bull Show
2015 National Maine Anjou Show @ American Royal
Shown By Matt Lautner Cattle & Kendall Bremer
Raised By Kendall Bremer | Iowa

Name: Simplify
Sire: Simplicity
Dam: Maine Anjou
Breed: Purebred Maine Anjou
Birthweight: 71 Pounds
New In 2016 Breed Lautner Calving Ease Sire

Reserve Calf Champion Bull
2015 National Chi Show @ North American
Shown By Matt Lautner Cattle & Jeff Miller
Raised by Dale Orem & Jeff Miller: Cutler, Indiana

Name: Peterbilt
Sire: MAB
Dam: Playboy
Birthdate: February 2015
Breed: Registered Chianina
New In 2016 Breed Lautner Sire!
Finally A MAB Son With An Extra Shot Of Chi Influence!

Sat 8:59 AM

From Jeff Miller | Indiana | Breed Lautner’s “Peterbilt” Selected As Reserve Calf Champion At 2015 NAILE National Chi Show! See Him In Denver 2016!

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Breed Lautner’s “Peterbilt”
Sire: MAB
Dam: Playboy
Raised By Dale Orem & Jeff Miller: Cutler, Indiana
Owned By Matt Lautner Cattle & Jeff Miller


Finally An MAB Son With An Extra Shot Of Chianina Influence!! See Him At The Breed Lautner Sire Display’s In Denver @ National Western Stock Show


Sat 3:48 AM

Jeremy Skogland Online Sale Now Open For Bidding On CW Cattle Sales | Italian Stallion Heifer Pictured 

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Italian Stallion Heifer  


Sat 3:37 AM

First Winter Snow Storm Drops 17 Inches In Northern Iowa 

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