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Tue 12:13 PM

From Matt Lautner In Colorado | Dustin Dorsey Farm Visit

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Division Champ At 2013 Junior Nationals
Sired By Maine Man
Shown By Dorsey Family


Unstoppable 3/4 Maine | Extra Friendly Today With Jordan Daniels

Tue 10:00 AM

From Curtis Doubet | National Champion Livestock Judge

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Going to be putting in about 60 embryos this summer. From what I have seen at other places though the I-67′s look really good, I’m a big fan!



Tue 9:52 AM

Quote From Kalob KommaThis Morning In Northern Colorado

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“You guys do a great job with your bulls, there is not an easier way to add value to cows than to breed them to a Lautner bull” -Kalob Komma


Tue 9:40 AM

From Craig Stohlmann | Nebraska | Choppin Wood Male For Sale (402) 981-8959

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Tue 9:36 AM

From Jesse Singerhouse | Jesse James x Monopoly Twins!

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Hey Matt,

For the blog, good pics of Reagan Singerhouse (ignore the hat it is her
sisters)giving a little extra milk to one of our 3 week old Jesse James
twins out of our 1st calf Monopoly heifer from Duch. Other pic is Kinsey
Singerhouse starting to halter the twins, never to early to start. Lol!

Jesse Singerhouse



Tue 8:21 AM

Lance Ellsworth Left A Message Over The Weekend After Leaving Hawkeye Breeders: “I-67 Looks Awesome, We Are Selling Him Like Hot Cakes At Cattle Visions!”

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Tue 8:17 AM

Breed Lautner Big Show Champion A Day | Entry #5 | Tracy Goretska Could Have A Different Lautner Sired Champion Featured Every Day Of The Month…He Has All The Iowa Steer Traders Playing Catch Up…Today His Steer That Won December’s Toughest Jackpot Is Our Daily Feature

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Grand Champion Steer
2013 Nebraska AGR
Shown By Kayla Morrow
Sold By Tracy Goretska, Todd Caldwell
Sired By Monopoly/Monopoly Clone
Now Owned By Bailey Kroupa

Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office At 515.391.9540 To Order Semen For Shipment On Monopoly 4 & Monopoly 5


Tue 7:22 AM

Matt Lautner Cattle Farm Visits Available In Colorado, Iowa, Indiana & Ohio Today | Contact Office At 515.391.9540 To Order For Shipment

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Tue 7:22 AM

Walk This Way Becoming A Go To Sire Across The Country In 2014 | Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle @ 515.391.9540 To Order For Shipment

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Mon 8:39 PM

From Craig Stohlmann | Nebraska

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Here is Rylee Stohlmann with her monopoly steer reserve crossbred sold by Caldwell and Dave At the Seward show as well
Craig Stohlmann


Mon 4:36 PM

From Matt Lautner In Wyoming | Kelly Burch Farm Visit | “22 Out Of 25 Calves In My Spring Sale Will Be Lautner Sired, They Just Flat Work!” -Kelly Burch

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Southern Comfort Bull Calf | Extra Stout
photo 144Choppin Wood x  Meyer | Whistle Necked Show Steer Deluxe!


Gold Rush Calf | The Right Kind

Call Matt Lautner Cattle Office @ 515.391.9540 To Order Breed Lautner Power Char Influence Bulls: Choppin Wood, Southern Comfort & Gold Rush For Shipment

Mon 12:28 PM

From Lexie Bremer | Missouri | Grand Champion Steer Both Days @ Missouri Jackpot | Sired By I-80 | Out Of A Wave Cow | Raised By Brent Potter | Sold By Goretska, Clark

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Grand Champion Steer Both Days @ Missouri Jackpot
Sired By I-80
Out Of A Heat Wave Cow
Raised By Brent Potter | Iowa
Sold By Goretska, Clark