Exciting Nebraska AGR Steer Show Under Judge Jeff Jackson Of Texas!

Reserve Grand Champion Steer
2017 Nebraska AGR
Shown By McKlain Jorgensen
Raised By Eric Walker, Luke Doris
Sold By Bonham, Brad Smith
Sired By Monopoly/Clone

3rd Overall Market Animal | Champion Market Heifer
2017 Nebraska AGR
Shown By Bayley Kroupa
Raised By Alex Kimmerling, Hoblyn
Sold By AK
Sired By Dakota Gold

4th Overall Market Animal | Champion Chi
2017 Nebraska AGR
Shown By Maronde Family
Raised By Seth Plendl
Sold By John Stoltz, Dusty Rich
Sired By Made 2 Order
Out Of Unforgiven Donor Dam
Full Brother To MLC New In 2018 THF/PHAF “G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time)

5th Overall Market Animal | Champion Simmental
2017 Nebraska AGR
Shown By Jake King
Raised By Josh Nagel
Sold By Shea Geffert, Brian Fox
Sired By Italian Stallion
Out Of A Bodacious Dam

7th Overall Steer
2017 Nebraska AGR
Shown By Richardson Family
Raised By Ty Webster
Sold By Levi Zwirn
Sired By Monopoly/Clone

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