Monopoly x Ms. Rodgers

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We are proud to annouce we will be offering a limited number of embryo’s that are full sibs to this $47,000 steer at the Wade Rodger’s Sale that is being shown by the Hughes family. This steer looks like the type Wade has won the Iowa State Fair with the last 3 years!

Ms. Rodgers is owned by Arne and Ann Low of Northwood, Iowa. She kicked out an amazing 29 Grade 1 embryos at Collison Embryo Clinic in Rockwell City, Iowa. We will offer a limited number of those embryos immediately for shipping or delivery. $1500 per embryo with one guranteed pregnancy with the purchase of 3.

Matt Lautner 515.450.2800
Ann Low 641.324.2632
Arne Low 641.390.0647
Charlie Wilson 563.219.0318