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Series of short videos start today on www.cattle.com with Matt Lautner and Charlie Wilson. We are most excited about thursday and fridays videos which will focus on mating cows types with various Lautner bulls.

Ashley Olivier

Similar Names Cause Confusion…

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Lautner is a popular name in the club calf business. Matt Lautner Cattle is a separate entity from others with the same name.

We realize these similar names cause confusion, and we just wanted to remind our clients that though we wish them the best, Dax Lautner or Chance Lautner are not representatives of our business. Therefore, semen purchased from them does not qualify for participation in our calf buy back program or participation in the Matt Lautner Invitational Golf Tournament.

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to get in our spring delivery schedule.

Cory Colman Warsaw, IN (574.527.2276)

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We were in Indiana the first 10 days of April and while in Warsaw area we stopped in at Cory Colman’s. Cory and his wife run a small cow herd, and have one of the best Heat Wave cows in production that we have ever seen. Cory just emailed me these shots of a few of his calves. If in the market for high quality county/state fair level cattle we highly reccommend you give Cory a call. 1.)Dam: Hard Core Whiskey 2.) Dam: Heat Wave Donor 3.)Hard Core x Irish Whiskey


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Tiger Woods is absolutely the only sire on the market that will CONSISTANTLY sire cattle with the power and look while maintaining soundness. Do your own research, we are confident you will come to the conclusion that as far as rookie bulls from the 2009 season Tiger walks alone.